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Frequency therapy for diseases

Good health results from a complex combination of good nutrition, fitness, and the luck of good genes. For many suffering with chronic illnesses and disease, medical professionals can only treat symptoms. Those treatments may offer only partial or temporary relief, and they may create additional negative side effects.

Resonant frequency therapy takes a different approach. While we encourage clients to take generally recommended steps to improve nutrition and fitness, the Harmonic Egg® / Ellipse® treats the whole body rather than symptoms. The relaxation that the therapy provides may also contribute to better health, when stress and anxiety are a contributing factor.

We have even had clients with undiagnosed “mystery illnesses” experience healing with the Harmonic Egg / Ellipse sound and light therapy. The body has a great capacity to heal itself. The Harmonic Egg® / Ellipse® helps to focus that healing energy in ways that can lead to better health and a better life.



Migraine Relief

I have had headaches every month, lasting up to two days in a row, since my twenties. The doctors only offered medicines; but never a way to reduce or get rid of them permanently. I had a headache that started before I went to my Harmonic Egg® appointment and went away when I left! In just a few hours instead of 2 days! This is the first real relief I have received.

~Mary Sullivan


Lyme’s Desease

“After the three sessions, I was scanned for Lyme disease and the scan came back clear.”

I was diagnosed with Lyme disease along with Ehrlichia and Babesia co-infections in February – I have most likely had these infections for many years. Due to this illness, I experienced dizziness, headaches, and tingling in my hands. I was on natural antibiotics for about six months. I was at the Life Center a few years ago for some stress issues and read about the new Harmonic Egg® on Gail’s blog. I decided to try it after reading a couple of stories of people who had good success curing this disease using the Harmonic Egg®.

I had three consecutive weekly sessions. After the three sessions, I had a scan for Lyme disease and the scan was clear. Then I had two sessions every two weeks, had another scan and was still clean. I should also mention the constant headache I had on my left side since February, IT GONE, after the FIRST session and never came back!

I plan to make the Harmonic Egg® a part of my life. I will continue to strengthen my immune system, but there is so much more I want to work on: this is an incredible healing modality. I love it and always look forward to the next session. Gail is incredibly intuitive and has excelled on many levels. I really enjoy my sessions. Thank you so much, I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate you!

~Maryjane Casey


Trigeminal Neuralgia / Chronic Pain / PTSD

“I felt emotionally and energetically better than I have in many years.”

“After the second session another whole level of healing occurred.”

«The pain in my face had completely disappeared!»

After my first set of treatments, I felt emotionally and energetically better than I had in many years. It seemed like the trauma and brain injury from my car accident had completely disappeared. I felt “ME” again. I would have been satisfied with that, it felt so good to be able to get through the day without being exhausted!

But after the second session another whole level of healing occurred. Since a family member attempted suicide and shot himself 12 years ago, I have suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Now I feel joy and passion for my own life again! I really didn’t think it was possible!

But there’s more… I’ve been suffering from trigeminal neuralgia for 2 years: constant pain on the right side of my face that has limited my ability to speak, eat, and smile.

Doctors said he would be facing lifelong medications or brain surgery, with no happy prognosis. After second treatment, the pain worsened for a few days. I was so happy with my other results, I didn’t really care.

The detoxification treatments continued for a further 21 days. Last week I noticed that the pain in my face was completely gone! I have no pain and I can smile again!



 Chronic pain and insomnia

As someone who lives with chronic pain and insomnia, after one session, I feel great! I have been sleeping better, my pain levels are down and I feel balanced, this is truly a miracle!

~ Ashley H.

Parkinson’s remains stable…

Thank you for all your help that benefited me during these last three days.

The only thing that is on my heart and mind after these three days is the opportunity it is presenting to me to finally look in the mirror and balance my life. This mirror will allow me to understand what I am currently trying to do (what I have been trying to do for 13 years without, or even half-recognising, that it had become so ingrained in my work ethic, Parkinson’s that I ignored/overlooked the fact that I was there) to “claim” my place in myself, in my family, in my community and in the world. I know I have been working hard to be as strong and competent as possible. Simultaneously, I am very familiar with my current limitations and challenges. What I didn’t understand and had to reject was the serious risk of delusional expectations that I can take care of my family like I thought I did 15 years ago.

“I may not have planned it specifically, but you gave me the space I clearly needed to figure it out.”



Healing Success – Scientific

Gail’s Life Center, with the Harmonic Egg® offers a unique, well-researched and effective healing modality. Gail’s deep understanding of the quantum realm, and her compassion for her clients, make her an intrinsic part of clients’ healing process. Recent research results demonstrate that the way doctors deliver or explain the healing solution plays a critical role in healing success.”

~Dominique Surel, MBA, PhD. DEAN OF FACULTY AND STUDENTS, Energy Medicine University


Seizure recovery and pain relief

My dad hasn’t taken any pain pills today after his last session… usually healing from seizures would take weeks! – This healing is incredible! – He is also in a strange and loving mood that I don’t usually see him in, something is happening! He must have completely taken him out of his fight or flight defensive instinct. Really surprising. I will tell this other doctor about the Harmonic Egg® when we see him, I will recommend that he talk to you. I think you would like it!




One Session

For those people who already know about the Harmonic Egg® but want a session.

Duration: 50 minutes.

Release Pack

Book 3 sessions in our Harmonic Egg® and allow a great change in your life.

Duration: 50 minutes.


Book 5 sessions in our Harmonic Egg® and find the path to transformation.

Duration: 50 minutes.


Book 10 sessions in our Harmonic Egg® and feel the metamorphosis in your being.

Duration: 50 minutes.

the live experience

Cambiando  la frecuencia de la humanidad, un alma a la vez

¡En todas tus sesiones te DESINTOXICARÁS a nivel físico, mental y sobretodo emocional! Miedos, traumas, preocupaciones y emociones tóxicas estés consciente de ellas o no…Sácalas de tu sistema. ¡En 50 minutos de sesión en el Harmonic Egg puedes lograr esta limpieza o “release” con grandes beneficios para tu salud!


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