Avoiding chronic stress is key to your health. In your first session at the Harmonic Egg® we will provide you with the anti-stress protocol necessary to return your body to a state of regeneration and healing.
HRV-Heart Rate Variability Test- or Test to measure the variability of the Autonomic Nervous System, it is the most used test to measure the level of chronic stress in people. Yes, chronic stress. We are used to living in this state, we almost do not realize that we are in a permanent state of alert and that has an impact on our physical, mental and emotional health.
According to Dr. Bruce Lipton, renowned cell biologist, stress is the cause of 95% of illnesses and diseases. Stress is also a result of and at the same time causes problems in our relationships, our professional performance, etc.… a very destructive vicious circle is generated when we remain in this state of chronic stress.
Chronic stress becomes rooted deep within us and although external circumstances and how we interpret and process them is one of the causes, there are programs and beliefs in us that are sometimes the true origin of stress since they are what They give negative connotations to our life experiences.
When we are in a state of chronic stress our regeneration and maintenance functions stop operating efficiently since energy and even blood flow moves away from the organs and goes to the muscles and extremities (this is something that comes from the time in that when we sensed an external threat we prepared to fight or run and escape, a concept described in English as “fight or flight.”) Although this program was useful and continues to be useful in allowing us to react to a threat, it exists to be used in a specific moment or situation and not to become a permanent state of alert.
When the regeneration and maintenance functions in our body are permanently affected, we begin to have health problems of all kinds…but the first and most affected is our IMMUNE SYSTEM.
The first protocol suggested for those who wish to have sessions in the Harmonic Egg® is the anti-stress protocol. This session seeks to remove your body from the state of chronic stress in which the Sympathetic Nervous System dominates or permanent alert, to bring it to a state in the Parasympathetic Nervous System or calm and regeneration. For your body to reactivate regeneration, maintenance and self-healing activities, it MUST be calm, at peace, at rest, without stress.
Avoiding stress is the best preventative for an efficient Immune System, to maintain your Health and Well-being.
“Stress is caused by an energy problem in your body” – pg. 61 “THE HEALING CODE” by Dr. Alexander Loyd, PHD, ND
“The root of every illness or health problem is an energy imbalance in your body” pg 63 “THE HEALING CODE” by Dr. Alexander Loyd, PHD, ND
When we are in “fight or flight” or a state of permanent alert, “all your cells close to conserve energy in the body, oxygen does not reach the cells, nutrients do not reach the cells and glucose (fuel for the cells) ) is not reaching the cell. The power plant cells are being starved. These power plants are called mitochondria.” pg. 75 “THE HEALING CODE” by Dr. Alexander Loyd, PHD, ND