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Energy Therapy


Our mind is constantly producing vibrations. And all our thoughts and feelings have frequency, just like sound and light, a thought vibrates through the mind and it manifests whether we are aware of it or not.

When something happens that triggers our emotions, they disappear within a minute or two, but we tend to hold on to the feelings and emotions and resist letting them flow, which is not easy for us.

Harmonic Egg® helps you calm and reprogram your mind, and can help remove blockages in your body and allow energy to flow freely, contributing to your recovery, emotional well-being and mental state.


In Harmonic Egg® sessions, you can help:

– Supports the autonomic nervous system.
– Supports the immune system.
– Relieve the stress.
– Increases focus, creativity and vitality.
– Improves sleep.
– Balances the adrenals.
– Generates self-esteem and confidence.
– Connects you with your deep subconscious.
– Invites feelings of peace and joy.
– Raises energy levels.
– Supports emotional and mental well-being.
– Activates higher states of consciousness.

Energy harmonization produces healing at all levels and allows you to achieve your maximum potential.

Book the session you want

One Session

For those people who already know about the Harmonic Egg® but want a session.

Duration: 50 minutes.

Release Pack

Book 3 sessions in our Harmonic Egg® and allow a great change in your life.

Duration: 50 minutes.


Book 5 sessions in our Harmonic Egg® and find the path to transformation.

Duration: 50 minutes.


Book 10 sessions in our Harmonic Egg® and feel the metamorphosis in your being.

Duration: 50 minutes.

the live experience

Changing the frequency of humanity, one soul at a time

In all your sessions you WILL DETOX on a physical, mental and above all emotional level! Fears, traumas, worries and toxic emotions whether you are aware of them or not… Get them out of your system. In a 50-minute session at the Harmonic Egg you can achieve this cleansing or “release” with great benefits for your health!


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