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Building Up Spiritual Reserves

By channeling bio energy initiated by the Harmonic Egg® / Ellipse®, many who have come to us emotionally and spiritually depleted have found new strength.

Ancient Chinese and Hindu medicine use the meridians of acupuncture and chakras to explain how bio energy that is blocked or unbalanced can result in physical or spiritual illness. These theories also explain how the Harmonic Egg® / Ellipse® works to bring about spiritual healing.

Among our clients are many holistic healers and naturopaths who find that the Harmonic Egg® / Ellipse® is a reliable way to replenish spiritual health when they begin feeling depleted.

Inside a Harmonic Egg / Ellipse chamber, bio healing energy envelops the client. The sound and light therapy from a Harmonic Egg® / Ellipse® results in a mind-body connection for holistic healing and spiritual rejuvenation.


Released childhood trauma and ancient technology vs. Harmonic Egg®

“I have experienced a wide range of healing and rebalancing.”

I was first introduced to sound and light healing technology in 2010 here in Denver, Colorado. I was able to complete a full series of 4 sessions. I was really impressed with the gentleness of the healing during the first session, but the last two sessions really brought up a ton of childhood trauma that I had to face and release. The last 2 sessions were to calm things down.

I recently tried (7 years later, of course) the Harmonic Egg® at the Life Center in Westminster. In my opinion, compared to previous technology, the Harmonic Egg® is more impactful but also softer and much more comfortable. The Harmonic Egg® allowed me to heal my emotions without slapping myself with them! The older technology was a big step into the world of light and sound healing.

I have experienced a wide range of healing and rebalancing. I’m also a bit claustrophobic and older technology feels and resembles a large coffin, but the Harmonic Egg® is much larger and set up in a way that it feels like a small room. I had no feelings of panic or claustrophobia in the Harmonic Egg®. Overall, I am so grateful for the experience and introduction to Sound and Light Technology that ancient technology brought to the world a long time ago.

I prefer the newer, more advanced sound healing technology brought to me by the Harmonic Egg® at Life Center. I hope I have explained the difference between old technology and the Harmonic Egg® in a way that helps anyone trying to make the decision of which technology to use.



More energy, calm and childhood trauma relieved

The Harmonic Egg® changes your life! I had 6 sessions earlier this year and the results were amazing: a clearer, calmer mind and more energy! My mother also had 2 sessions and was able to shed a lot of negative energy from her childhood. I can’t recommend the Harmonic Egg® enough – 10 stars!

~Mia Voss @MiaOnTheGo


72 years of emotional damage/trauma released

“The colors were brighter, I appreciated my surroundings more.”

Since I was about 5 years old, I have worn glasses called pain. This is how I describe my childhood. It never goes away and without any relief. Since my visit to Colorado, I have noticed that the glasses are gone. After returning home, I realized that I had more strength and that something was different. The colors were brighter, I appreciated my surroundings more. I felt like a stranger to my sister. This was all gradual, calm, until last night I realized the glasses were gone, for the first time in 72 years!


Balance and harmony – Spiritual healing

“A detachment from any worry came over me. It was a feeling of balance.” I’ve been to the light box, the Energy Genesis and now I’ve experienced the Harmonic Egg®. The Harmonic Egg® was a gentle, inspiring and peaceful experience. Gail is very intuitive and in our conversation upfront I asked for a specific type of spiritual healing. She set up the music and lights perfectly. As I lay there, there was a neutrality to the experience and my body was very comfortable and a detachment from any worry came over me. It was a feeling of balance and balance. The change was immediate, but the change in me is abstract and I cannot express it. It’s been about a month since my visit and I was hoping the change would go away a little. That hasn’t happened. The Harmonic Egg® is a worthwhile experience. I can’t wait until I get back to Colorado to get back in.”



Book the session you want

One Session

For those people who already know about the Harmonic Egg® but want a session.

Duration: 50 minutes.

Release Pack

Book 3 sessions in our Harmonic Egg® and allow a great change in your life.

Duration: 50 minutes.


Book 5 sessions in our Harmonic Egg® and find the path to transformation.

Duration: 50 minutes.


Book 10 sessions in our Harmonic Egg® and feel the metamorphosis in your being.

Duration: 50 minutes.

the live experience

Changing the frequency of humanity, one soul at a time

In all your sessions you WILL DETOX on a physical, mental and above all emotional level! Fears, traumas, worries and toxic emotions whether you are aware of them or not… Get them out of your system. In a 50-minute session at the Harmonic Egg you can achieve this cleansing or “release” with great benefits for your health!


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