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Mental Clarity

Tackling Cognitive Difficulty with Color and Sound

Those who face life with brain injuries, autism, learning disabilities and diseases like Parkinson’s often find little help through traditional medicine. Many alternative therapies fall short, as well, because they focus only on dietary needs, the causes of inflammation, and stress and anxiety instead of balancing the entire autonomic nervous system.

Bio healing and energy therapy employed through the Harmonic Egg® / Ellipse® provide an alternative that can re-establish balance within the nervous system. For many clients, several sessions in the chamber of a Harmonic Egg® / Ellipse® provides a system reset that results in greater focus and clarity as well as alleviating stress and anxiety and improving sleep.


The Harmonic Egg and its special relationship with Autism®

“I came to the Life Center because for the past 20 years, I have been supporting the integration of children diagnosed with autism and others who experience intense sensory sensitivities. In January 2019, I began receiving information from this population that there was a “capsule” that could help with their integration. I met Gail through a mutual friend and immediately knew that the Harmonic Egg® was what the kids had been talking about. I flew to Denver from Los Angeles and had two sessions back to back.

During my first session on the Harmonic Egg® (HE), I went in with the intention of determining if this was the “pod” the kids were talking about. During this session, something was immediately erased from my third eye and then a balance symbol was placed on my heart! Then I heard the children laughing and saw a giant tree of life with harmonic eggs hanging below the leaf line and above the ground. The Harmonic Eggs slowly descended and the children came out to earth!

~ Suzy Miller, autora de Awesomism


“The next day I woke up very happy.”

Fantastic and amazing experience. I made the most of the session and was able to release so many things that were holding me back. I was able to forgive myself for all the things I have done. I was even able to go further and allow myself to feel all my emotions with judgment, guilt, shame or any negativity for that matter. The next day I woke up in such a happy mood and it carried me all day to where I am now. I have been telling everyone I know how incredible this experience has been and that it has shocked me on every level. I can’t thank Gail enough for going so far and creating something so magical. I recommend anyone to try this.

~Jason Rodgers

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One Session

For those people who already know about the Harmonic Egg® but want a session.

Duration: 50 minutes.

Release Pack

Book 3 sessions in our Harmonic Egg® and allow a great change in your life.

Duration: 50 minutes.


Book 5 sessions in our Harmonic Egg® and find the path to transformation.

Duration: 50 minutes.


Book 10 sessions in our Harmonic Egg® and feel the metamorphosis in your being.

Duration: 50 minutes.

the live experience

Changing the frequency of humanity, one soul at a time

In all your sessions you WILL DETOX on a physical, mental and above all emotional level! Fears, traumas, worries and toxic emotions whether you are aware of them or not… Get them out of your system. In a 50-minute session at the Harmonic Egg you can achieve this cleansing or “release” with great benefits for your health!


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