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Veterinary Alternative Medicine for Pets

When caring for our four-legged family members, it is more difficult to identify the results as they communicate differently than humans. However, those who live with these pets day in and day out will know this.

Remote/virtual Harmonic Egg® / Ellipse® sessions are generally what we recommend for pets (and for humans who cannot travel to a Harmonic Egg® / Ellipse® location).

If a remote session is used, a photo of the pet is placed inside the Harmonic Egg®/Ellipse®. The pet and its owner should remain in a safe, quiet space during the 50-minute session. They may also want to experience Harmonic Egg® / Ellipse® music while relaxing in their remote location.

Read the testimonials below to see what pet owners describe.


4-legged success and PTSD relief for owner

“My dogs’ events/severity have reduced dramatically, and their obsessive licking has totally decreased!”

“I felt both revitalized and detoxified”

I was referred by so many satisfied people. After sharing a conversation with an acquaintance, I was surprised and excited to learn that they also offered their service to dogs! I took my two dogs for a session. 1 is 10 years old, the other 3, and both have suffered seizures and subsequent OCD behaviors for which a variety of standard treatments have shown minimal progress. There are too many POSITIVE changes that I have seen after the session here at Life Center! His seizure episodes/severity have drastically reduced, AND his obsessive licking has totally decreased! I am so excited to continue your healing here!

I recently received my own session. Describing my experience in words is not enough. The sound expedition left me feeling as if I had been treated to several hours of physical therapy. I felt both revitalized and detoxified, and in the days that followed I felt my own breathing and meditation practice improve significantly. I have personally implemented into my life, over several years, a variety of mental and physical practices to aid in my recovery from PTSD and battles with anxiety, and I can truly attest to the power of the science behind this healing medium and its benefits.

~Ernesto Velez


He is much more alert

I have had my dog, Evie, for 2 years. She is a 14 year old puggle and was rescued from a kill shelter in Texas where she barely had any hair left and was in very bad shape, but overweight, so someone in the past had loved her enough to feed her, but that It’s all they knew to “take care” of a dog. Since I had her, she has had nothing but health problems like chronic bronchitis, pancreatitis, thyroid problems, and allergies. She has been in and out of the vet, I have tried holistic medications and just about everything I can think of. I took her to the Harmonic Egg® and that night her chronic cough at night, where she usually has about 5-6 cough episodes a night, has gone down to maybe 1 at most, so now she sleeps through the night and only has a few episodes of coughing during the day, this has drastically changed our lives. Before entering the Harmonic Egg®, she also had some benign tumors that had reduced in size, she is much more energetic and almost like a puppy, she is much more alert (on our trip home after our session in the Harmonic Egg® she was almost like he was a different dog in the way he looked at everything), he has lost a few pounds without me changing his diet and he also hasn’t had any pancreas problems since then, this could just be a coincidence or it could be because the egg eliminated toxins not desired helping with this (Gail and I definitely smelled some horrible things from poor little Evie after the egg). She is now much more cuddly and trusts me and now lies on her back to rub her belly which I never used to do for the 2 years I have had her so I know she is comfortable and comfortable with me now because I think she is been able to leave his past a little.

I know some of this sounds crazy and I’m still in shock (it’s been a few months since she’s been back) at the outcome and I blame coincidence if you do, but I think 100% it was all because of the Harmonic Egg® and not I won’t be able to thank Gail enough…and don’t even get me started on the positive things she did for me!

~Leanne J

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Remote Session

For those people who already know about the Harmonic Egg® but want a session.

Duration: 50 minutes.

Release Pack

Book 3 sessions in our Harmonic Egg® and allow a great change in your life.

Duration: 50 minutes.


Book 5 sessions in our Harmonic Egg® and find the path to transformation.

Duration: 50 minutes.


Book 10 sessions in our Harmonic Egg® and feel the metamorphosis in your being.

Duration: 50 minutes.

the live experience

Changing the frequency of humanity, one soul at a time

In all your sessions you WILL DETOX on a physical, mental and above all emotional level! Fears, traumas, worries and toxic emotions whether you are aware of them or not… Get them out of your system. In a 50-minute session at the Harmonic Egg you can achieve this cleansing or “release” with great benefits for your health!


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