Gail Lynn, the inventor of the Harmonic Egg®, talks to us about how important/vital it is to define your INTENTION regarding your session in the egg. He believes and has no doubt (like many of us) in the power of intention. Your intention must be CLEAR, DIRECT if possible, a SHORT sentence. Examples: “I have perfect health”, “I recover my quality of life”, “my relationship improves”, “I have the perfect career for me” etc.…This intention must be accompanied by the sensation and emotions that thinking generates in us. in that perfect state that we want to achieve. These emotions and sensations will be happiness, joy, peace, etc. and that is why they raise our vibration before starting our session.
Yes, all these intentions can be worked on in the Harmonic Egg®. “I have come to understand that the Harmonic Egg® can AMPLIFY our intention. And certainly many clients have begun to refer to the Harmonic Egg® as their “manifestation egg”……the sacred geometry, shape, lights and sound in the egg amplify your intention.” Extract pg. 46 from the Book “Unlocking the Ancient Secrets to Healing” by Gail Lynn, inventor of the Harmonic Egg®.
Your thoughts, your intention are vibration, they are in the language in which the Harmonic Egg® operates. If you enter your session with a clear intention, in a high vibration, these frequencies will “meet” the frequencies emitted by the Harmonic Egg® (high too) and they will “add”…quantum physics already knows this. has explained and proven.