First let me say, don’t be intimidated by uncomfortable feelings, both physical and emotional. This is normal and part of your body’s detoxification. The body will change as it gets rid of toxins.
Many clients leave feeling “lighter.” They often feel bad, sometimes hungry and sometimes happy and capable of taking on the world! IMPORTANT: Drink plenty of water… We say it, but we mean it! Take home some electrolytes provided by your facility owners. They are very important to help eliminate toxins (minerals bind to toxins to eliminate them) and to replenish the body of those good minerals that are depleted during detoxification.
You will start to feel better as your body releases toxins it may have been storing for a long time. There may be minor detox symptoms that may be somewhat uncomfortable, but these are clear signs that the session is working.
As toxins are eliminated (this is why 60-90 ounces of water is essential), you will notice an increase in mental clarity. Your sleep will be deeper and more restful. You may even experience what some consider nightmares as emotional trauma is released from cellular memory during session integration while you sleep. It is normal. I have lucid dreams after my sessions for 1-3 days.
You may have more energy or feel sluggish and tired…sometimes feeling tired is simply a feeling of relaxation. These days we are so stressed that we confuse the two. Pay attention if you want to fall asleep or are just relaxed and not really ready to sleep.
You may experience skin breakouts, as toxins are sometimes expelled this way. You may also have an occasional headache or joint pain. Drink more water.
As detox symptoms subside, you will likely have fewer cravings for processed and unhealthy foods. Detoxing will kill those bad bacteria and bugs that crave bad foods. These foods may even taste less pleasant if you eat them out of habit. You might even feel sick if your body rejects the unhealthy things you’re eating. This is the body communicating with you, please listen. Those poor food choices may even be the reason you have migraines or other symptoms and you just didn’t realize it. As the body gets rid of GARBAGE that is clogging the system, the body can become more sensitive to what you put into it.
Did I already say: “Drink more water”? And, take your electrolytes. Be kind to yourself…you are taking steps to bring your body to a level of awareness you may have never experienced before. Stick with it, it’s only going to get better and better!
Let your Harmonic Egg® session sit for 5-7 days, talk to your center owner about a self-care program, and visit for more articles, videos, and other tips for restoring your mind, heart, and spirit. body and spirit.
We recommend that you start with 3-10 Harmonic Egg® sessions to start and then many will join a membership for monthly maintenance. Be sure to talk to your facility owners about bringing some of the music home to anchor your session and maintain that zen state between sessions. If you would like more details on how the Harmonic Egg® works, ask your center owners to purchase the book, Unlocking the Ancient Secrets of Healing, which the Harmonic Egg® asked me to write.
Love and gratitude to all.