Color is all around us and only recently are scientists seriously investigating what our ancestors knew about the DEEP effects color has on a physical and emotional level.
The ancient Egyptians, Chinese and Greeks used chromotherapy or color therapy to treat diseases and restore health. They did this, for example, by putting people in rooms painted certain colors. The Egyptians painted the ceilings of their rooms with blues and the floors with greens to resemble the colors of nature.
Here is some information:
Egyptian papyrus dating back to 1550 BC already refer to healing with COLOR.
The “Nei Ching”, a more than 2,000-year-old Chinese book of internal medicine, talks about diagnosis with COLOR.
In 1933 Dinshah Ghadiali, a scientist from India, published the “Encyclopedia of Spectrochromometry,” which outlines the foundations of modern chromotherapy.
Ibn Sina, considered a doctor, astronomer and thinker of the so-called Islamic Golden Age, wrote about COLOR THERAPY in his famous encyclopedia “The Canon of Medicine”.

COLOR does not heal, what it does is help the body to heal or regain its balance.
Each COLOR and its VIBRATION is associated with different attributes and qualities.
When an illness or disease, or an injury affects an organ or part of our body, applying the associated COLOR FREQUENCY can restore health.
We respond to COLOR on a physical, emotional and psychological level.
There are many ways to use COLOR as therapy: color of food, color of what you are wearing, color of the gems or crystals you wear and of course exposing yourself to COLORED LIGHT.
In her book, Gail Lynn, the inventor of the Harmonic Egg®, summarizes the characteristics and qualities of each color. This is the result of many years of study, research and experimentation. Here we talk about some of the positive effects of each color.
RED: It has the lowest Vibration, it is known as the “great energizer” that gives vitality!
Positive effects (some): Increases circulation, relieves rheumatoid arthritis, stimulates ovulation and menstruation, stimulates slow intestine…
ORANGE: Color of sensuality, passion and fun. Stimulates creativity. Eliminates inhibitions and promotes sociability.
Positive effects (some): It is used to eliminate and heal grief, relieves depression and reduces chronic fear, regenerates and stimulates liver function, stimulates creative thinking, etc.…
YELLOW: The Color of pure energy. Warm with brightness and pure optimism. Stimulates intelligence and alertness. Promotes mental clarity, inspiration, curiosity and interest. It is recommended for people with skin problems.
Positive effects (some): Relief from depression, detoxifies body and mind, stimulates rapid digestion and assimilation of food, stimulates appetite, tones muscles, etc.…
GREEN: The master color, or the balance color. It is associated with the pituitary gland. It is the most common color in nature, connected with the energy of vitality, renewal, growth, hope. Promotes relaxation.
Positive effects (some): Facilitates states of peace, love and harmony, helps with forgiveness. It helps with rest, relaxation, stress reduction and generates calm. Helps in hormonal balance, improves the immune system, strengthens the nervous system, regenerates muscles, bones and tissues, etc.…
BLUE: An essential color in healing, associated with serenity, truth and harmony. Relax body and mind. It is known as a cold color and therefore can be used in cases of fever, lower high blood pressure, and reduce inflammation. Helps fall asleep, very good for hyperactive children.
Positive effects (some): Helps with chronic pain, relieves insomnia, helps stop bleeding, reduces inflammation, relieves headache, relieves sore throat, stimulates the pineal gland, stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, reduces mental suffering and emotional, etc.…
INDIGO: Cold color that promotes serenity, understanding, wisdom, devotion, intuition. Helps correct imbalances in the pineal and pituitary glands, eyes, ears, nose. Helps with learning difficulties.
Positive effects (some): Helps reduce heart rate, purifies blood, helps with mental problems, acts as a sedative, relieves pain, reduces swelling, etc.…
VIOLET: It is the coldest color. It has a great calming effect. Color of spirituality. It is associated with creativity, beauty, inspiration, generosity, perception, and a high level of consciousness.
Positive Effects (some): Relieves melancholy, helps with alcohol addiction, slows down an overexcited heart, reduces mental and emotional stress, helps detoxify, induces sleep, helps with epilepsy